Prevention is better than Cure – in Bangladesh too!

Stein & Partners is an Internal Audit & Tax, Accounting, HR, Payroll, Business, Legal, Investment and Sustainability consultancy company focused on a wide range of services in Bangladesh, Japan and Korea under the leadership of Mrs. Ivonne Stein, a German lawyer and Mr. Kauser Bhuiyan, a former EU diplomat and Wall-Street professional.

We develop business in high-growth market Bangladesh. From defining the best entry strategy all the way to supporting your local implementation. Stein & Partners offers tailor-made solutions and services that fit your requirements seamlessly. This allows you to focus on your core business while we make sure you minimise risks, align your goals and speed-up processes, making your foreign investment a success.

Stein & Partners Services are available in Bangladesh, Japan & Korea. A PDF version of our services is available for download from here.

Many foreign investors and business people still like to believe that violation of laws and regulations in Bangladesh can always be “fixed” and they could get away with any wrong doing in Bangladesh, which is certainly no longer the case anymore. As a matter of fact, such mindset is one of the fatal mistakes one can make should they be interested in long-term success in business – in Bangladesh too. To be fair, they cannot be blamed for this sense of lawlessness in Bangladesh alone because they, too, like most human being are driven by apparent experience!

Our long experience in and about Bangladesh is that things are changing – in Bangladesh too! Therefore, it is time to do things correctly and carry on so – for the long-tern success in Bangladesh. It is possible and we can help!

We are an experienced team of professional consultants, lawyers, accountants, engineers and support staff dedicated to providing a unique experience by working pro-actively with our clients. We offer personal and individualised Services with a creative approach to solving our clients’ problems because as we work along, actually their problems become ours.

When extraordinary situations arise, Stein & Partners leverages it’s reliable network of outside Legal and Business advisors to provide clients with cost-effective access to expert advice. These professionals are managed through the General Counsel Concept and their advice is fully integrated into the ongoing Legal and Business recommendations being developed by us so that we can deliver exceptional value to clients in every situation.

What makes us different is our Vision. We take a personal approach to serving every client with prompt and decisive actions.