Admin, HR & Payroll Services

Our approach

No matter how large or small the operation of an organisation may be, an effective Human Resources Management (HRM) is crucial for smooth operation. The skilled people who staff your organisation bring your greatest competitive advantage. Delicate handling of sensitive matters like hiring, firing, payroll, benefits, travel allowances and tax compliance as per laws of the country of operation include to the core responsibilities of the organisation.

By outsourcing such services to local expert company, like us, you can now be confident that such delicate and important matters of your organisation are managed professionally.

Financial accounting – What we can do for you:

  •  Financial accounting
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • Bank transfer documentation
  • Digital storage of supporting documents
  • Cost centre accounting
  • Cost and activity accounting

Payroll accounting – What we can do for you:

  • Compilation of master data, time debit administration
  • Statements of earnings and payroll management
  • Payroll tax returns
  • Certificates of employment
  • Support during income tax and social security audits