Tax Dispute Resolution

Our approach: Prevention, Management and Resolution of Disputes

Companies and organisations in Bangladesh, particularly those of foreign origin and managed by, may find it hard to be always on top of the frequent changes, sometimes unclear and conflicting laws and practices of the tax regimes in Bangladesh. It is not unusual to miss-out important due dates and details for full tax compliance in Bangladesh.

By no means is Bangladesh, a 200 years ruled British colony, a lawless country although many foreigners may believe so.

Our approach to preventing, managing and resolving tax disputes anticipates and mirrors that of Tax Authorities of Bangladesh. Effective tax dispute resolution will often be as much to do with preventing a dispute as it is with managing and resolving disputes when they occur.

We have a diverse team of dispute resolution specialists covering all taxes and business areas. Our team is able to support clients with every aspect of their interaction with Bangladesh Tax Authority from strategy through to resolution, including litigation where required. Our team worked for the tax authorities closely to gain extensive knowledge of their approach to tax risk management, as well as a deep understanding of tax administration – including information powers, the penalty regime and rules for deliberate or serial tax defaulters

And should you need to litigate, our tax litigation specialists can also help you.

Tax Disputes Resolution – what we can do for you

  • Represent client to the tax authority
  • Prepare supporting and logic