Tax Consulting Services

Our approach

The tax landscape is subject to constant change – and the same applies to your personal and professional circumstances. Entrepreneurial decisions and investment in personal and professional contexts, therefore, require the careful analysis and planning of tax implications. We see it as our challenge to provide clients with strategic concepts, which take both tax-related and financial aspects into consideration and work with foreign partner offices to resolve any cross-border issues involved.

We draw up annual financial statements and tax returns for members of freelance professions, companies and institutions of all legal forms as well as private individuals. Our tax consultants deliver advice on all aspects of fiscal legislation and represent your interests at tax offices and fiscal courts in close cooperation with our legal partner.

Tax consultancy – what we can do for you:

  • Preparation of corporate and personal tax returns
  • Drawing up of annual financial statements  in compliance with local laws of Bangladesh & Myanmar
  • Drawing up of tax balance sheets
  • Tax planning advice (including consideration of national and international fiscal legislation
  • Business analyses
  • Support in tax audits
  • Out-of-court and in-court appeal procedures
  • Support in proceedings concerning tax criminal law