Our vision


Stein & Partners is dedicated to offering it’s clients superior and sophisticated services. The capabilities of our professionals and staff reflect a wide range of experience including government practice, prior associations with some of the finest law firms in Asia and Europe, and the unique orientation of specialised practice. We recognise, of course, that many firms are also equipped to provide outstanding service. So what makes Stein & Partners different? It has everything to do with our vision.


Our Lawyers and Advisors are guided by a creative approach to solving our client’s problems. Often times, a legal problem will not appear to have a favourable solution. Lawyers and Advisors with excellent training will arrive at the same result. At Stein & Partners our Lawyers and Advisors strive to find a creative and effective way outside the confines of the problem by integrating diverse practice areas and developing new theories. If the case law looks bleak, we seek out the needle in the haystack. We have been known to push the legal envelope by developing new theories and precedent.


Clients can often become lost in the bureaucracy of larger accounting and law firms. This experience can often be frustrating at best and counterproductive at worst. If a Lawyer or Advisor does not have the time to listen, consult, and advise, opportunities will be lost. Our Lawyers and Advisors are trained to work pro-actively with our clients and offer personal and individualised services. This is the hallmark of our practice.


Our clients expect and demand prompt and decisive representation. We strive to respond rapidly to our clients’ concerns and to effectively communicate the recommended course of action. The ability to rapidly respond to new facts and circumstances can be the deciding factor in litigation.


Clients and Lawyers often can lose sight of the forest through the trees. Legal analysis and decision making is often rendered episodically without consideration of the end game. Clients need to understand how all the pieces fit together. Our Lawyers and Advisors are trained to present an integrated litigation strategy and assessment so that our clients can understand the recommended course of actions from commencement to conclusion. This transactional view emphasises the importance of viewing the battle from above and clarifying the journey that lies ahead, benefits, risks and costs.


To be incandescent… to be driven to accomplish something extraordinary. Clients and visitors walking into Stein & Partners for the first time immediately notice something quite unique, which can only be described by a word rarely used to ever define a law or accounting firm, Passion. As Lawyers, Advisors and Staff, we are engaged in a pursuit, which really interests and excites us. Come and visit us to discover this quality for yourself because it cannot be manufactured. At Stein & Partners you will learn a simple lesson, which is always true: Excellence is easy when you love what you do.