School Uniform for Slums and Street Children

750 School Uniforms are required
200 Donated by members of a Rotary Club
550 Are yet to be funded @5 Euro each
1 School Uniform can make a child smile!

Cannot contribute fund now? Just share this information to everyone!

No amount is too small! Please feel free to click on the Donation button to make a difference. The payments are processed through a partner organisation Bangladesh Inside. For sustained contribution through bank transfer or partnership please feel free to contact Mrs. Ivonne Stein at csr [ at ] steinandpartners dot com. Thank you!

School Uniform for Slums and Street Children

School Uniform for Slums and Street Children

School Street Children

A number of primary schools are provided with various material and immaterial supports starting from school uniform, learning material, teacher’s and staff salaries to painting classrooms and fixing the roofs.

The main target groups are children from ultra poor families who have very little or no opportunities to attends schools at all without external support

Although the primary education in Bangladesh is free there are not sufficient facilities in the areas where the poorest of the poor seek shelters in slums areas of Dhaka.