Payroll & Benefit Management

One of the main reasons why specialisation and expertise about relevant local rules, regulation and laws are required to perform Payroll Management is the fact that this significant function is complex and time-consuming function even at a small company and there is no scope for making mistakes.

Given the importance and confidentiality it is paramount for a company to do it right and keep it right. We help companies and organisations in Bangladesh and Myanmar prepare, calculate and process their employee pay cheques in full compliance of the laws of the country.

The process of outsourcing the payroll functions saves a certain organisation from costs and legal hassles in addition to extensive staffing and paperwork of payroll clerks. The different aspects of payroll that includes insurance, Provident and Gratuity Fund and taxes and other allowances threshold continue to change and it becomes more important for a certain organisation to outsource it to a reliable service provider like us.


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