Kauser Bhuiyan

Kauser BhuiyanKauser Bhuiyan is the Founder and Managing Director of Stein & Partners, a Business, Legal, Investment and Sustainability consultancy company focused on a wide range of services for foreign companies and investors in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Stein & Partners advises foreign companies conducting business in and with Bangladesh and Myanmar in compliance with the local legislations, labour, social and environmental standards working towards implementation of the relevant UN and ILO conventions as well as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises ensuring Financial, Legal and Social compliance in the respective country.

Before setting up own business Mr. Bhuiyan gained more than two decades of professional experience at Accenture, Bloomberg and European Commission in the areas of Change Management Consulting, International Financial Market, Economic Co-operation serving as EU diplomat. He lived and worked in Frankfurt, Zurich, London, New York, Brussels, Islamabad and Dhaka.

Mr. Bhuiyan is a former EU diplomat and Wall-Street Professional.

As EU diplomat Mr. Bhuiyan’s responsibilities included management and implementation of the European Commission’s Economic Co-operation portfolio at bilateral and regional levels; provide input and assistance to the European Commission’s Delegation on issues of importance to EU-Pakistan and SAARC economic, trade and investment cooperation; liaise, interact and coordinate with EU Member States, international Organisations including the UN, donors, government authorities, civil society, private sector actors and other partners relevant to the Economic cooperation.

Before accepting his diplomatic assignment with the European Commission Mr. Bhuiyan worked at the Wall-Street company Bloomberg L.P. in New York, where he was directly responsible for interacting with CFO’s, treasurers of Fortune 500 companies, traders, portfolio managers and other financial market professionals to demonstrate and assist them analysing financial instruments, economic and market data, pricing, news and research reports to make complex financial and business decisions. His clients at this job represented sophisticated finance and investment institutions, central banks, government agencies, ministries and international organisations such as the IMF and World Bank.

Prior to his successful career at Bloomberg L.P. Mr. Bhuiyan worked for Andersen Consulting – now Accenture Ltd., headquartered in the U.S.A. where his responsibilities included assisting with the legal framework in Change Management Consulting for clients in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Mr. Bhuiyan obtained master’s degree in Economics from the Philipps University of Marburg, Germany. He is a German citizen who has excellent command over the Bengali, English and German languages. He is married to a German lawyer and has two children.