Contracts & Company Policy

Our Contracts & Company Policy services include:

  • Formulation, revision, training and implementation HR and Operational policies in accordance with local laws of Bangladesh and Myanmar in close co-ordination with the rules and regulations of the headquarters or regional office, where applicable.
  • Completion of the recruitment and termination process in accordance to the laws of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Dismissal / termination of employment must follow certain procedures to avoid legal cases in the courts. This must be done very professionally to avoid troubles and disruption in business operation.
  • Formulating and preparing employment contracts in accordance with the law in Bangladesh and Myanmar.
  • Monthly Payroll Service including Liaising with the bank on the disbursement of staff’s salary, Income Tax etc. to the concerned statutory authorities.
  • Close co-ordination with the headquarters in order to streamline the Administration, Finance and Management process in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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