Business Partner Customer Search

Business Partner / Client Search

Identification, initial contact and discussion with potential partners regarding their interests in a business collaboration can be carried out by Stein & Partners on behalf of foreign clients. Bangladeshi and Myanmar companies can also avail similar services to identify and contact potential partners abroad.

While aiming for business in Bangladesh and Myanmar, the exporters require not only to identify potential partners but also to know the relevant stakeholders in the country. Stein & Partners can provide assistance in identifying the most relevant stakeholders like government agencies, trade organisation, licensing authorities etc. in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Reaching out Target Audience

Is Bangladesh or Myanmar so different from other emerging markets that you must use a totally different approach?

Our experience shows that appropriate marketing principles and reach-out campaigns works in any market РBangladesh and Myanmar are no exception. What essential is on the ground intelligence and expertise of the different market conditions, fully understand consumer behaviour, stakeholder and business partners mindset and that of the different actors in the local market.

What works in Indonesia or Vietnam can still work in Bangladesh and Myanmar with some adjustments for local market conditions, which we are fully aware of.


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